Saturday, August 19, 2006
Home remedy
These days a lot of websites are coming up with many home remedies. But how far can a desi nuskha go…
Here is a true incidence from my life.

It was in September 1983 when I was posted as a Medical Officer in Barsua Iron ore Mines. These mines are situated in the thick forests of Orissa, in India. There was a small health centre and I was in charge of this place. We used to run a morning and evening general OPD and rest of the times the health centre remained locked. In case of emergency, necessary staff was called and the patient was treated. If needed, the patient was transferred to higher centre in the ambulance. An accommodation was provided to me in the vicinity of the health centre. Invariably I was the first person to be contacted in emergency as patients found it most convenient to locate my residence.

There was a knock at my door that night at 3am. I found a tribal man with an eight-year-old girl at the door. “A snake has bitten her,” he said showing me a clear fang mark on her right ear lobule. “ When?” I asked.
“ Around 11pm.”
“ What delayed you so much to get a medical help?” I asked with a little uneasiness.
“ Well I had to walk through this forest for five miles to reach here. There is no road from village to this place”
A cold shiver ran down my spine, as there were wild elephants and tigers in that forest. After examining the child carefully in the health centre I found no signs of snake poisoning (neurological or vascular). The child was kept for observation. Next morning after examining the child again I told him “ It was not a poisonous snake. Your daughter is fine.”
“ No! It was a poisonous snake. I gave her an antidote for snake poison, that’s why she is fine.”, he said with a big grin.
I was mystified “ And what is this antidote of yours?"
“ I made her drink half a bottle of kerosene oil. One poison neutralizes the other!” , he declared triumphantly.
I was just aghast, and needless to say I had to treat her for kerosene poisoning even though the snake spared her from its venom. She almost died of kerosene poisoning. I have not been able to forget that timid girl (with two fang marks on her right ear lobule) and her brave father who made her drink kerosene and walked through the dense forest at midnight.
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  • At 22 August 2006 at 11:21 PM, Blogger Sifar

    I believe everyone must have heard of "Neem Hakeem Khatarayae Jaan", which stands so true in this scenario. But a lots of sensible Home Remedies for non life thretening ailment like common cold, head aches, upset stomach etc... works great, at least for me.

  • At 23 August 2006 at 10:00 AM, Blogger upinder kaur

    Yes Saravjeet Singh ji, some of these remadies do work and if nothing else they work for your taste buds like your jalebi recipe and remember hot steaming besan ka halwa our mothers gave us for cold....
    It was always a treat at least!
    But we better not try unknown things at least not the non-edible non-palatable ones!

  • At 23 August 2006 at 5:30 PM, Blogger Sifar

    Of course not. It is the illiteracy to blame in this incident. No sensible person will drink Kerosene himself (as a remedey to anything), forget about giving it to one's childern.

  • At 5 September 2006 at 2:36 AM, Blogger Sikhi Seeker

    ouch! But some home remedies do work...but if taken with your normal dose of common sense and affirmatory flag from your doctor. But this is a very sad incident that you share...gosh!

  • At 1 March 2011 at 12:55 PM, Blogger suman

    I am working in Barsua Iron Mines as mining Engg. The situation is same here as you had seen in 1983.
    The place is industries without any development. The Valuable Iron ores is exported and local business has been surged. Small to medium size dumper is running from tensa and near by place to Barsua railways station ans even ores are trasported to rourkela and pardeep port.
    It is dusy environment generated by people and goverment. you may not get vehicle to reach rourkela or other place due to worse condition of road. but ores of several steel companies are trasported easily form this loacality.
    The adolescent do not know how to read and write but they can drive any heavy vehicle and do not bother to make accident on the road.
    there is no rule followed setup by our goverment. Police station is evacuated from both Tensa and Barsua. The bank robbery, robery at petrol pump are common for this place.
    People are living here for nothing.