Sunday, July 30, 2006
Visit to Himachal Pradesh

I had been on a holiday to Himachal Pradesh.It was really a bliss! Fresh cool breeze and quiet surroundings. Every thing the trees, hills ,flowers and whole atmosphere seem to whisper.....
Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru
Came back with lovely memories in heart and tons of shots on camera.I'll share over time with you all.Right now I need to organize things

Yesterday I heard wonderful kirtan from Harimander sahib.I don't know the name of Ragies but they were stundents of Prof. Kartar Singh Ji. Listen to this shabad

prabh milabae ko preeth man laagee
The loving desire to meet my Beloved has arisen within my mind.

paae lago mohi karo baenathee kooo sa(n)th milai baddabhaagee 1 rehaao
I touch His Feet, and offer my prayer to Him. If only I had the great good fortune to meet the Saint. 1Pause

see the shabad on Sikhi To The max
If any of you know the name the ragi please tell.
If you like it and want to download another shabad please click on the link below
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