Tuesday, July 18, 2006
Saavan Sarsee Kaamnee

swvix srsI kwmxI crn kml isau ipAwru ] (134-10, mwJ, mÚ 5)
saavan sarsee kaamnee charan kamal si-o pi-aar.
In the month of Saawan, the soul-bride is happy, if she falls in love with the Lotus Feet of the Lord.

mnu qnu rqw sc rMig ieko nwmu ADwru ]
man tan rataa sach rang iko naam aDhaar.
Her mind and body are imbued with the Love of the True One; His Name is her only Support.

ibiKAw rMg kUVwivAw idsin sBy Cwru ]
bikhi-aa rang koorhaavi-aa disan sabhay chhaar.
The pleasures of corruption are false. All that is seen shall turn to ashes.

hir AMimRq bUMd suhwvxI imil swDU pIvxhwru ]
har amrit boond suhaavanee mil saaDhoo peevanhaar.
The drops of the Lord's Nectar are so beautiful! Meeting the Holy Saint, we drink these in.
vxu iqxu pRB sMig mauilAw sMmRQ purK Apwru ]
van tin parabh sang ma-oli-aa samrath purakh apaar.
The forests and the meadows are rejuvenated and refreshed with the Love of God, the All-powerful, Infinite Primal Being.
hir imlxY no mnu locdw krim imlwvxhwru ]
har milnai no man lochdaa karam milaavanhaar.
My mind yearns to meet the Lord. If only He would show His Mercy, and unite me with Himself!
ijnI sKIey pRBu pwieAw hMau iqn kY sd bilhwr ]
jinee sakhee-ay parabh paa-i-aa haN-u tin kai sad balihaar.
Those brides who have obtained God-I am forever a sacrifice to them.
nwnk hir jI mieAw kir sbid svwrxhwru ]
naanak har jee ma-i-aa kar sabad savaaranhaar.
O Nanak, when the Dear Lord shows kindness, He adorns His bride with the Word of His Shabad.
swvxu iqnw suhwgxI ijn rwm nwmu auir hwru ]6]
saavan tinaa suhaaganee jin raam naam ur haar. 6
Saawan is delightful for those happy soul-brides whose hearts are adorned with the Necklace of the Lord's Name. 6
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