Wednesday, December 24, 2008
Autobiography of a great man - Prof. Sahib Singh ji

This is one autobiography which I have read several times. Today we look for gurbani meaning very promptly from GuruGranth Darpan. It may be a hard copy or a cd or  just on the web but it seldom occurs to us the hard work of the person who is behind it. Today I would like to share a few  excerpts from this book

The book

He stars his story from the family tree and goes in detail about his name:

Its very interesting to read about the disease and its treatment in those days, just a century ago:
How the thoughts of becoming a sikh hovered around his mind:
One canot believe that appearing in the school exam was so difficult:

Reading about his marriage is really amusing:
Amrit Sanskar:
Here is a story from his life which always brought tears to my eyes:

In short book tells you a lot about the life people lived 100 years ago. We can know a lot about Akali lehar , Gurdwara movement and freedom struggle.The Language used is very interesting.His hardwork and struggle to publish Darpan is most amazing. Every time we read Darpan we must pay tribute to this great soul


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