Tuesday, May 30, 2006
Kirtan Darbar
The kirtan darbar on 28th may 2006 at Gurdwara Rakab Ganj was really excellent but I was disappointed to see such a low turn-out of Sangat. I don't know the reason for it .....but such great ragis and so few listeners!
Bhai Gulab Singh Ji

Bhai Surinder singh ji of Singh Bandhu duo

Bhai Jaswant Singh Ji from Amritsar

Bhai Sarabjeet Singh Rangeela ji from Durg

The Sangat

Guru maharaj's Palki

Another close-up of Bhai Gulab Singh ji

The weather in delhi is really hot and humid. I do agree it was a very uncomfortable day on sunday. But this kirtan darbar was dedicated to Guru Arjan Dev ji who had sacrificed his life on the hot tavi in this scorching heat of Jeth month. We can't withstand a little discomfort to listen to his bani? People instead preferred to watch its live telecast on TV in their air-conditioned rooms.

This made me really sad. We must do some soul-searching!
I have some video recordings of the programme which I would like to share. More photographs will follow in the next post.

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