Friday, May 05, 2006
Summer Fruits
The Temperature is just shooting up in Delhi. It has already touched 45 degree celsius.Power cuts and water shortage is making life all the more difficult.The only good thing I can think about summer is Almighty's lovely gift of these Fruits. He is so kind that he created these juicy fruits to take care of us during this scorching heat. Least we can do is Thank him every time we enjoy them.


The Aarru
Lovely Jammun Guess the cost.......Its Rs.100 per Kg.When we were kids no one would have bought it even at 1/100th the price coz there were so many trees in Delhi and plenty were available totally free.

Bet you must be wondering what is this! These are called Phalse and are typically sold in Delhi.I haven't seen these being sold in other cities I have visited.The fruit tastes sweet and sour
This Style of selling Mangoes I saw only this year in Delhi
You can not think of summer without these Fruits
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