Monday, May 15, 2006
Aandhee paachhay jo jal barkhai tihi tayraa jan bheenaaN
Last night around 11.30 pm a very strong dust storm hit Delhi uprooting trees and electric poles. Rain and lightening followed the dust storm bringing down the temperature sharply. In the morning all the trees looked clean and washed as the sun rose. It was so cool and beautiful but I felt sad for the birds that lost their nests!

rwgu gauVI cyqI ] (331-17)

dyKO BweI g´wn kI AweI AWDI ]
daykhou bhaa-ee ga-yaan kee aa-ee aaNDhee.
Behold, O Siblings of Destiny, the storm of spiritual wisdom has come.

sBY aufwnI BRm kI twtI rhY n mwieAw bWDI ]1] rhwau ]
sabhai udaanee bharam kee taatee rahai na maa-i-aa baaNDhee. 1 rahaa-o.
It has totally blown away the thatched huts of doubt, and torn apart the bonds of Maya. 1Pause

duicqy kI duie QUin igrwnI moh blyfw tUtw ]
duchitay kee du-ay thoon giraanee moh balaydaa tootaa.
The two pillars of double-mindedness have fallen, and the beams of emotional attachment have come crashing down.

iqsnw Cwin prI Dr aUpir durmiq BWfw PUtw ]1]
tisnaa chhaan paree Dhar oopar durmat bhaaNdaa footaa.
The thatched roof of greed has caved in, and the pitcher of evil-mindedness has been broken.

AWDI pwCy jo jlu brKY iqih qyrw jnu BInW ]
aaNDhee paachhay jo jal barkhai tihi tayraa jan bheenaaN.
Your servant is drenched with the rain that has fallen in this storm.

kih kbIr min BieAw pRgwsw audY Bwnu jb cInw ]2]43]
kahi kabeer man bha-i-aa pargaasaa udai bhaan jab cheenaa.
Says Kabeer, my mind became enlightened, when I saw the sun rise.
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