Monday, February 20, 2006
After I wrote about
After I wrote about Saka Nankana Sahib, comments led me to a Blog, which highlighted mismanagement of Gurudwaras today. It is really sad to think that so many gursikhs had laid their lives so that Guru Ki Golak is not misused. But we have landed again in this mess. Read The Blog. Pains have been taken to bring about awareness.
This weekend there was a gurmat Samagam at gurudwara Rakab ganj Sahib, New Delhi. Kalgidhar Society organizes it every year in 3rd week of February. Kirtan by the students of Akal Academy (Baru Sahib) was just wonderful. On Saturday they sung Dhadhi Vars and told history of Baba Banda. On Sunday gurbani kirtan in Ragas with string instruments was done. It was a blissful experience. A book by Baba Iqbal Singh (director Akal Academy) was also on display for sale. The book ‘Sikh Sidhant’ is a remarkable job. In my personal opinion every Sikh should read it.
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